Hot Stone Massage

A wonderfully soothing treatment using  organic coconut oil with Volcanic Basalt heated stones to deliver a deeply relaxing massage

The stones warm the muscles and relax any stored tension from  the muscle and myofascial tissue.  This treatment will leave you feeling soothed, comforted and ultimately relaxed.
Due to the effectiveness of the heat from the stones deeply relaxing the muscles, they are very effective in working with pain and injury. As the stones are used as an extension of the hands, deep, precise techniques can be used to alleviate pain, discomfort and tension. If you have areas of inflammation than cold basalt stone can be used to draw out the inflammation.
On a spiritual level the stones draw out unwanted stored energy from the body leaving you feeling re-aligned and able to deal with life once again.
So whether you are looking for deep relaxation or injury / pain relief, Hot Stones is a wonderfully versatile treatment.


Hot Stone Massage
This is a unique experience which is a deeply relaxing holistic form of massage that involves using hot smooth basalt stones. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles to relieve tension and muscle pain.
90 mins - 60€
60 mins - 45€
Lower back & hips - 30 mins - 20€
Back, neck, shoulders - 30 mins - 20€